Care & Feeding

Care & Feeding

About The Wood…

Wood is a natural material. It is expected that wood characteristics or grain may affect how the wood accepts the stain color. These natural variances are part of the beauty inherent to american hardwoods.

Expansion and contraction as temperature and humidity levels fluctuate are also normal characteristics of the wood. These fluctuations can create gaps in the table top seam.

We choose to protect our furniture with a clear, catalyzed finish to enhance and bring through the natural grain and beauty of the wood. 

How To Clean…

For day-to-day cleaning, we recommend using a soft cloth with mild dish soap and water. It’s important to have the cloth be slightly damp and to not leave any standing water or residual soap during the cleaning process.

High quality furniture polish should only be used on an occasional basis.

How To Protect…

Avoid placing hot items directly on the wood surface. Caution should also be used when using pot holders or hot pads that transfer heat into the wood surface.

Remove spills or or excess liquid from the wood surface immediately.

Do not slide or scoot items across the table top. Abrasive edges, dust or dirt collected on the table surface can scratch or mar the wood finish.

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